Back in the Log Cabin

I've started a baby blanket. The pattern is the log cabin from Mason-Dixon Knitting; if you've tried this pattern, you might notice that I went clockwise the first time round the center, then accidentally reversed it, but I don't think mom or baby will mind.

I do occasionally get left and right (and clockwise/counterclockwise) mixed up. Oh well. I'm trying to combine a few different textures of yarn for fun, but no handspun in this one -- I want to make sure it's all machine-washable. So it's the good old Red Heart and some other bits of things I had lying about. I like the colors, though.

A Glimmer of Spring

Meanwhile, here in our log cabin--okay, so it's not a log cabin, but with winter swirling about our ears for the past five months it's certainly felt as though we might as well have been in a log cabin on the Alaskan tundra--the snow has nearly all melted. It's still tucking into the 20s at night (-5 C), but the days have been above freezing at last.

In the past week or so I've seen three sandhill cranes, two bluejays, one robin, and one actual bluebird. Not to mention that the chickens have been enjoying their outdoor activities immensely.

The thaw is doing wonders for my mood, despite my sneaking suspicions that we probably have a bit more winter in store for us. At least there's light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully it's not just an oncoming train.

Happy St. Pat's Day

Enjoy your corned beef. I know I've been awfully YouTube-happy of late, but I just can't quite resist a St. Paddy's Day proffering: I'm Shipping Up To Boston from the Dropkick Murphys. Sometimes there's nothing quite as raukking as bagpipes.


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Carrie K said...

Corned beef is so not food. But enjoy!

I love your Log Cabin!

Spring is official on the 21st - which reminds me, must buy sil a BD card.

Left and Right confuse me no end.

Chris said...

Happy St Pat's! I'm ignoring the fact that it's snowing here right now. GRRRRRRR.