Tiz the Season...and Stuff

Yes, Mr. O'Kitten is home all safe and sound, to everyone's delight. Emma has stopped glaring at me and Isis can't seem to get enough time in his room, which has been left relatively unused--it has a comfy chair with a good view of a small black walnut tree that attracts a number of birds that set her off into a gleeful chittering and chattering.

Yesterday we ran a few errands and Mr. O'Kitten picked out a small, mesmerizing tree for us. Fortunately, fiber optics seem to hold no interest for cats.

I've completely neglected knitting, but have been spinning a good bit. Here's a few skeins of Llannie/Shetland (60% llama/40% wool) that I spun to swap with Woolies for this adorable llama. She makes really cute stuff and is quite the lace knitter (check out her pretty shawls and really lovely shawl pattern).

The Lannie/Shetland I spun

Shannah Rocks (More Spinning)

Here it is--the beautiful merino hand-dyed by Mysticleeme and named for yours truly! *Blush* I couldn't wait to spin it.

At her suggestion, I pre-drafted it really thoroughly.
This made it a breeze to spin.

It was so much fun to watch all the gorgeous colors wend their way through my fingers and onto my bobbin.

Here's the finished yarn, a 3-ply. Thanks to Spinning Spider Jenny's plying class (and some help from Lisa to get it started) I managed to successfully Navaho ply this skein. I have another full bobbin. What shall I knit with it? Hmm...

New Additions

Last week we added two new residents to the farm in the form of two boarders, Sean's year-old Showgirl and 7-month old Andretti (a.k.a. Andy).

Today he came by to force some Christmas spirit upon them. All in all, I must say they were pretty willing victims. Both of them have great personalities, and are getting along well with everyone here. Pepper, in particular, seems happy to have someone her own size to play with.

I think they're saying Happy Holidays in Llamaese.


Chris said...

I love the llama pictures - perfect for a holiday card! I'm glad Mr O'Kitten is settling back in at home.

KnitXcorE said...

i've been plucking the kitties out of the tree all day. blech.
that yarn you spun is lovely, as are your new pals :-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Those llamas look so cute with their headgear...lol!

Hey I'm soooo over the moon for you that Mr O'K is home. Woohoo! How wonderful he made it before Christmas. I do hope he's feeling lots better and that you both have a wonderful Christmas.

Your tree looks lovely and my daughter said her cat's not bothered with the fibre optic lights either.

Love that yarn, too. Beautiful.

Take care and my very best wishes to you both.

Barbara-Kay said...

Ah, wonderful to hear all your good news. Hugs to all at your farm, be they two-footed or four.

mrspao said...

Glad to hear Mr O'Kitten is better and back home. You've been so busy - it all looks incredible :) Well done you!

Carrie K said...

The llamas are cute! Glad Pepper got a friend.

Your cats are staying out of the tree too?

RheLynn said...

Glad to see Mr. O'Kitten home safe - quite the population your farm is taking on this holiday season!

spider said...

Happy Holidays Mr. and Mrs. O'Kitten! Lovely Navajo-plied yarn, I might add!!
xoxo, Jenny

AcadiaSun said...

Glad Mr. O'Kitten is home. Hope he is doing better The three ply looks really great. I can't wait to see it in person.

BTW, stop by the spinning loft Monday or later. There will be something there for you. (And it shouldn't wait until after Christmas to pick up.) :)