Cat, Hat, and Mouse

I'm adrift in the winter blues, as you might have guessed from my dearth of posts.

My grandmother was very much of the school of "If you can't say something nice (or positive), don't say anything at all." She had a way of finding something gentle to say about even the worst of culprits, and even a knack for befriending the strangest of characters.

So when I'm feeling my worst--my bluest, my darkest, my most despairing--I don't post. Not just for the reason I attribute to Grandma, but I generally just don't feel like it. I don't want to write, or do much of anything at all in my bleakest moods. But I also like to keep things here relatively light, cats and knitting and chickens and the like. Things I have pictures of. Sunny days on the farm. Not me teetering on some kind of abyss of anxiety and dread.

Fortunately, even on these worst of days, Mr. O'Kitten and the cats keep me grounded, for the most part. Hopefully this long, dreadful, claustrophobic winter will be over soon and spirits will lift again.

So not to worry--I'm not buried under a snow drift, just lost in hibernation, which will likely soon draw to a close. So wake me when it's over, will ya?


Chris said...


mrspao said...

Hug x

Anonymous said...

Sunny warm days are just ahead.
Hope you are feeling better.

Rachel said...

Sending you lots of 70 degree positive thoughts your way...:)

Elizabeth said...

Well I am buried under a snow drift - quite literally.
I think we all desperately need spring and a lot of sunshine!

Gattina said...

Probably we are born on the wrong side of the world ! i hate winters too and would like to be a bear just sleep during these months and wake up in spring hungry and feeling good ! Another two months and it will be over !