Tracks in the Snow

Today it's rain, turning the snow to mush. But late last night I got to watch a small herd of deer--7 or 8 of them--poking around in the snow in our back yard.

Now I know what made all those funny circles of tracks in the white, white snow that had been such a mystery to me yesterday afternoon.

Since I've started talking about bipolar/depression this week (speaking, as I was, of circular tracks washing away in the softening snow of my thoughts), it occurs to me to tell you that Mr. O'Kitten has a blog. He's far more articulate than I am about it. So give him a visit at The Outer Rim Territories.

He also uses that cool "labels for this post" trick. I'm not nearly that clever. And video illustrations. It's nifty, just like Mr. O'Kitten.

And now to close, here's Isis in his room, looking rather cross.


Elizabeth said...

We're getting slushy mush, too but more snow tomorrow!
Happy 12th! I've given you an award on my blog.

KnitXcorE said...

yuk.... sounds like today is a stay inside drinking tea day.

Chris said...

My goodness, Isis, what do you have to be cross about with that lovely chin rest you have?!

Carrie K said...

Oh, very cross! You'd better watch out!

KeenJoy said...

HA! Kill it Isis!

Good Kitteh!

Your co-hort Billy has become fond of bolting out the door and trying to trip me when I walk down the stairs, it must be black kitty psycho time.