Orange and Purple

Thank you for all the good thoughts and everything about my grandma. With all this going on, it's been a good time for some color. So...

I had some 'Shannah Rocks' yarn left from my mini-cardi sweater (which is finished, pics coming asap), so I spun some yarn inspired by the purples and oranges in its beautiful colorway. Oh, did you forget what it looks like?

It looks like this. Here's the Shannah Rocks yarn, part of the unfinished sweater, and the roving, hand-dyed by Mysticleeme.

My crazy orange yarn.

Crazy purple yarn.

One finished hat.

They're actually mother and daughter hats. Like mama-bear and baby-bear.

I made a purple one for myself. *grin* The lavender is merino-tencel yarn left over from the wristwarmers I gave my grandma for Christmas. There's also an orange hat I didn't shoot yet.

The cats, as you can see, have also been very busy. This spot by the patio door gets southern exposure, and they like to loll about on our hats and scarves and gloves.


Chris said...

The cats are actually doing you a favor - by adding that fur, they're making your gloves and hats and scarves warmer. Such a sacrifice... ;)

Puss-in-Boots said...

My deepest sympathy on the loss of your loved grandmother, O'K. I'm glad she went peacefully.

Your llamas are really smart critters aren't they? Funny things, they are and I can imagine the innocent looks with those long eyelashes over those big eyes...looking at you so trustingly...yeah, right!

Hope all is well with you and Mr O'K and that you have got over your nasty sinus infection. I can commiserate...I get those too, occasionally and sometimes antibiotics are the only things that can shift it. I don't like taking them either as they upset my system also.

Becky said...

Love the hats, Shannah. 'Specially the purple one.

Mysticleeme said...

Very pretty yarns and hats, Shannah. Warm hugs.

Carrie K said...

I love the hats too - especially the orange ones! Purty!

Aw. Lolling AND stretching. A cat's chores are never done....