Cats on Tuesday: Haiku Edition


Grey shades tip to tail
coat Morgan Freeman LeFey.
Always mid-wriggle.


Ever the Grand Queen,
Emma Fife Peale remains calm,
save chasing her tail.


Isis Kyle, shadow,
enigma, mysterious
green-eyed face-maker.



Gattina said...

Beautiful pictures of all your cats ! You were a little early for COT I posted it this morning (tuesday) at 6 am !

Chris said...

Lovely haiku and photos!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they love the camera.
Great shots, beautiful kitties.
Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Kuanyin said...

Beautiful haiku and photos! Happy COT!

Andrée said...

What a wonderful post: haiku and kitties! I'm just beginning to learn haiku myself and it is hard to write (for me)!! I am in awe. If you want to participate in a poetry meme, check out One Single Impression. What a coincidence you posted this today.

KJ said...

D'oh! Isis is such a chubber face!

I love it.

My cats have taken over both my knitting baskets.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful portraits.

Luna said...

Beautiful kitties, great photos !
Happy COT

mrspao said...

Your cats are so regal-looking :)

catsynth said...

Yes, they are regal looking, very photogenic!

Helen said...

What a brilliant idea! Haiku and kitties. I love it. They are so sweet. Kudos for capturing the cat yawn, I can never time it right.