Day 10, Kitten Update, and Stuff

Hey, Remember Me?

So you haven't seen me in awhile--that's largely because not smoking has been something of a fulltime job. Today is Day 10 for both Mr. O'Kitten and me, which is really quite remarkable. But I found that being on the computer is a trigger, so I haven't been on in a week other than to quickly check the etsy shop.

As long as my hands are busy, I'm halfway okay; the crazy raging anger and most intense irritability seems to have subsided somewhat. In its place is an ebbing and flowing anxiety, a sense of restlessness, and--the thing that scares me the most--a general feeling of depression, tiredness, and malaise. Will this pass? And when?

Since I'm a recovering alcoholic and addict with bipolar disorder, PTSD, and who knows what else, I'm the first to admit my brain is already quite scrambled. I'm sure that I was using nicotine to help control my mood, take the edge off of anxious moments, and whatever else it does for you. And I read somewhere that it is particularly difficult for women with depression to quit smoking. And of course, the route my bipolar tends to take is -- long bouts of debilitating depression.

Anyway, Day 10. The beat goes on.

In Which Strider and Gandalf Find a Home

Great news! I talked to the vet's office last week and Gandalf and Strider found a home. I'd dared to hope that they might be able to stay together and fantasized that they'd find a family to live with, and they have. The couple who adopted them has a 3-year-old, who I'm told was very gentle with the rapidly-growing boys (not that they couldn't stand a fair bit of rough-housing) and I couldn't be more delighted. Gandalf and Strider have a home!

Keeping the Hands Busy and the Brain (Somewhat) Quiet

I've been spinning like crazy and knitting up a storm. I finished my No-Smoking Socks (from the Friday Harbor pattern), two hats from Lacey yarn I spun, a pair of long fingerless gloves (well, one still needs seaming)--and yes, pictures are forthcoming. Felted a prototype holiday tree (you have to see it, it's weird) and Mr. O'Kitten and I made some strange Halloween-ish cards for the etsy shop. (Oh yeah, I have to shoot pics of those, too. It's just easier not to move from the couch.)

Like I said, as long as my hands are busy with the needles or the wheel or crossword puzzles...

Breeds Study has resumed at the Spinning Loft. I've washed nearly a pound of this grey corriedale; the three fall sessions are about Longwools and Crossbred wools.

I finally had some sort of breakthrough with my spinning, and it finally looks like yarn. I actually spun almost 200 yards (about 180 m) from 4 oz. (115 g) of luscious merino-silk. I never spun silk before, nor have I been able to spin anything relatively consistent or so fine. (Yes, yes, photos to come, I promise. As soon as I, uh, check a week's worth of email...)


mrspao said...

You're doing well! The spinning looks great :) I am so glad that Gandalf and Strider have found a nice home.


Squee! And *hugs*. We have missed you and I am glad you are trying. Even if that means breaks from your fans. :)

sunneshine said...

Congrats on 10 days!! That is HUGE! You have been so productive too! The yarn really looks amazing! Hang in there - we will all be here when it is easier to be online! Hugs!!

roxtarchic said...

sending positive power your way... 10 days is AWESOME... and i'm so excited for Gandalf & Strider... hehe
more excited for you and Mr. O tho ;)

good luck & we're thinkin of ya!

Dorothy said...

Good luck on your victory over nicotine. I'm glad to hear that Gandalf and Strider have a new home. I wish them a happy growing experience.

Chris said...

You are doing great!! Heh, I know I definitely caffeinate to take the edge off depression, altho it does pump up the anxiety...

- jesse said...

Hey there! I was following along with the barn kitties turned house kitties situation and my good friend has just come up with the following situation. 4 of the 8 are taken care of already but I was wondering if you'd want genuine ferals? Her email is pasted below:

Hello everyone,

My name is Elyse Shuk and I am a volunteer with Slope Street Cats. I am writing with a somewhat urgent request. I have managed a colony in Boerum Hill in Brooklyn for 2.5 years, but now need to relocate the colony as a person who lives close to the colony site will poison the cats if I don't remove them in the next several weeks (unfortunately the situation is beyond the point where he can be appeased with containment strategies). I have made an arrangement with this man that he will give me some time--but not much time--to remove the cats so that I can relocate them.

Thus, I am writing to see if anyone here may have a space that could accept approx 8 fixed, rabies vaccinated ferals. There is one additional male feral who is a newcomer to the colony whom I will fix after I trap him as part of the relocation process.

All of the fixed cats are quite healthy. I supplement their dry food with L-Lysene, brewers yeast and Vit C so they don't have any URIs. They also have been eating wet food as part of the Meow Mix giveaway.

I would pay the person who accepts the cats a fee to accept them, and of course would do all the work involved in the relocation process. It is possible that I can split up the 8 cats into 2 smaller groups, as there are certain cats that are more bonded to each other than others.

If you have a space that you can offer, or if you know of someone who can help, please email me offline at eshuk@earthlink. net.

Thank you so much for considering this request!