More on the Life Blanket

Btw, I got the seed stitch border idea from the "Big Bad Baby Blanket" in Debbie Stoller's Stitch'n'Bitch (pp. 187-88). I'd never tried knitting a pattern before, but with my short attention span, I was afraid I'd get bored knitting all those rows in the middle plain, lol!

The program used to make the stitch pattern is actually for needlepoint, but worked fine for knitting. It takes an image and converts it into a stitch graph, using your input of gauge/stitch count per inch, project size, etc. (It's called Plastic Canvas Design Studio 2.0)

A former coworker of mine found me (& this lil blog) via knitty -- turns out she's a knitter too! You can check out some of the beautiful work she's done (and her two cats, who, like mine, enjoy helping) at Purly Brites. Such a small world!

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