I got so cable-happy I went on to make this with the yarn left from the wristwrmers. (Yes, will post photos asap)

In other news, we just finished shearing the llamas this morning. They look so dashing (actually, Llannie looks like an alpaca/standard poodle cross, since he had so many burrs in his fleece, and required a more extensive cut, but Graty looks quite handsome) and we can all welcome spring without excess wooliness.

I promise to post pictures of they boys in their winter coats, shearing in-progress, and after pics.

Plus, I can now get to carding and spinning big piles of fresh, fluffy fleece!

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jennifer said...

Hi! As a fellow shadow artist turned needle felter turned new knitter, I wanted to say hello after reading your story on Knitty. Nice to see that you progressed past the rectangle. Someday, perhaps, I'll follow in your footsteps!