What May Flowers Bring

So here's the obligatory pic of how adorable Isis is, and how tolerant Grey Cat is being of her. (Granted, he is sound asleep.)

In other news, I made my first cables today! I was so in awe of Rosalynn's sweater that she sent me 3 patterns she thought would be good to begin cabling with, and I finished a wristwarmer. Here's the link to pattern:

I was too busy photographing cute cats to take a picture; will do when I complete the pair.

Spent another two hours weeding our little garden patch this evening -- this makes day FIVE of digging out copious dandelions, deeply-rooted crabgrass, and various other volunteers in the hopes of making room for eggplant, pickling cucumbers, and the infamous hot chilis we grew last year. I was thrilled to see the tiny rosebushes have roused themselves from winter sleep, though, as did the clematis.

Since I spent 14 years with nothing but a fire escape to grow things on (and nary a houseplant to my name), the garden remains a source of mystery and continual surprise to me. I once killed a cactus, so anything that grows (on purpose, I mean) seems miraculous.

This spring is a bounty of little baby things...not only Isis, at 6 weeks of age, but my week-old chicks (see pic, previous post), plus one of the hens is incubating a half dozen eggs. (However, she did get off the nest for a snack one day and I found her sitting in the wrong nesting box later, the eggs all gone cold. So we'll have to see about that...) Not to mention that Lacey, the llama we are getting this summer, is finally definitely pregnant, due to deliver in the fall. Here she is:

Even the row of asparagus producing about A POUND of fresh shoots daily. How is that even possible? It's like something out of an X-Files alien greenhouse. I pick it all one day, and the next there are 12-inch high stalks again. Weird!

Our two llamas are going to be sheared this Saturday -- now that the days are hitting 70 degrees, they'll be happy without their thick winter coats, and I'll have new fleece to play with. We didn't take pictures last year, but this year I've drafted spouse to photograph the event, so stay tuned for before and after pics of the boys. (They look quite dapper with their new summer dos!)


rosalynn said...

i want to see your cables :)

p.s. your kitties are so cute, you make me want to go get a kitten to add to my pair! and that llama is adorable.

Erin said...

I wanna see your cables, too :) The putty tats look sooo cozy together. And I totally want to pet your llama!!