A New Obsidian Kitten

Welcome Isis, the newest member of our little family.

She was born on March 25th and joined us Tuesday night. She is mostly black, with a white star on her belly and some white eyebrow hairs and white "fun fur" on her legs and forehead. She has extra toes on her front paws, just like her mama. I think cats are working on developing opposable thumbs.

Isis has lots of toys and is looking forward to learning to knit.


Erin said...

She is so cute! I loves me some kittens!

rosalynn said...

aww she's adorable. one of my cats has extra toes too! actually tyson has 22 total. and he can open all cabinets and door handles... totally starting to make use of that 'thumb'!

Obsidian Kitten said...

You can find a pic of Tyson thumbing some orchids here:

I thought of him when we adopted Isis, cuz of her extra toes, I'd just seen Tyson on Ros' great site, she has lots of great knitting stuff on it and just finished a gorgeous sweater...!


RheLynn said...

She is a beautiful girl, and extra toes!! Wow! Glad to see your older kitties are being good to her too :o) Best to you!