A New Shtuff

I finally posted something new at the Money Shot.
Go there to find out what this wee notebook is for.

"And this interests me because--?"

Happy Delurking Day! Thanks to everyone who visits me. I know you're out there--why not say hi today? I always reply if Bloogleglogger gives me your email address--although I know it makes it hard to leave comments and I'm guessing that if you visit and *don't* leave a comment it's because of the Glooglebloggle and not me, right? Right?

You can always email me at sohopixieATyahooDOTcom as well. {Speaking of which, SB, I'm sorry I didn't connect with you while you were in the city, and SU, I don't have your email addy.} Welcome one and all, lurkers and unlurkers and delurkers alike!


meemsnyc said...

Keeping track of everything you spend, wow that is quite the challenge.

Anne said...

Hi - just delurking - I've been vaguely following you since you advised me on the best greeting for my chickens - it's still in use ("Hello crazy birds") - they seem to appreciate it!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I can't understand lurkers. If one has taken the trouble to open the post and read it, why not comment?

Unless, it's me...I can resist having my say...

Ragnar said...

Oh...well if it's delurking day, then I guess I have to comment don't I?

We miss you out here in Michigan, from beneath our blanket of snow with more on the way.

Dee said...

Wow ... I was away for awhile and you moved all the way to New York City!

Chris said...

Black kitty bikini!!! Woot!


Obsidian Kitten said...

Hi all! Hi crazy birds!

meems: the tracking wasn't so hard. the *knowing* can be a little scary though -- as in, the $4 latte 3 times a week--yow. lol)

hi anne! so glad you (and your chickens) are still around!

P-in-B: i love that i always hear from you! =)

oh my dear ragnar, how i've missed you! we have snow here, too--just, um, not quite as much...

hey Dee! yep, i'm a city grrl again. i love me this city.

hi chris! *waves*

KnitXcorE said...

hey boo!
i really dis what you're doing with the money shot, and look forward to your advice :-)

Crypt Stitch said...

As a lurker, I am one skilled grasshopper. I must remember to de-lurk-cloak every now and then!

Uhles said...

There's always a sense of guilt when called out like this. It's almost as though (I would imagine) you've been caught peeking through someone's windows. "Hey there lurker, what's going on? What do you think of our new curtains?"


Obsidian Kitten said...

ok, now bloogle ate MY post. perhaps i'm getting dozens of posts that glogger eats and i never ever know?

KnitX: thx hunny! and not to worry, it's not "advice" so much as "stuff-i-did/had-to-do to survive" and learn to live within my means (more or less)

Crypt: greetings, grasshopper. so it's not as much of a soiree over here as it is at the infamous blogopticon -- i do my best.

uhles: you are welcome to peer thru my curtains anytime. and i'm always curious when you will de-lurk (a reference to coheed and cambria or an obscure film...one never knows...)

KJ said...