Hey Man...Don't Mug Yourself

I've been knitting and spinning, but it's Friday Night Video time so you'll have to wait for photos of craftier things.

First, because Mr. O'Kitten says I like loud things, here's something loud: A loud song by Filter that's been stuck in my head for the past year or so. If you haven't heard it already, don't listen to "Hey Man, Nice Shot" or it'll be stuck in your head too.

As a side note to Mr. S.U. regarding Coheed and Cambria, they don't remind me of Rush so much as that song hearkens back to Yes (Owner of a Lonely Heart era) every time I hear it. And everyone needs a good cowbell song now and then (even though it doesn't have cowbell--it should; I swear I can hear it even though it isn't there). I also like that the lead singer has a sort of grunge-troll thing going on.

Just to prove I don't only like loud stuff, here's something that's not loud. And as someone who actually has been to rehab, I fully appreciate Amy Winehouse's fine New Motown sound on her "Rehab."

Finally, for something completely different, cute British boys. This wasn't the song I was looking for, but it'll work--The Streets with "Don't Mug Yourself." Because I like him.

I'll be at the Spinning Loft tomorrow. Pics soon, promise.


Carrie K said...

Since there are no speakers on this computer, I think I'll wait on the videos....

Pics! Knitting and spinning. Lovelisomeness.

KnitXcorE said...

omg ilovethestreets.
we totally dig the same music.