Everything is Alright

I did a lot of spinning today-- finished 2 lovely espresso-black skeins of Llannie/shetland that are drying in the bathroom and began some lavender merino-tencel. I'm also on a pre-Christmas kintting binge, so pics to come soon, honest. The ones I can share, anyway (some may have to wait until after gifting time *grin*).

The llama-shetland looks like this. (Boy, is it hard to photograph black.)

The llama, Llannie, looks like this.

Llannie's fiber.

Okay, now I'm just posting videos here so I can listen to songs I like whenever I feel like it. But this Motion City Soundtrack song really strikes a chord with me, and--having spent my share of time in psychiatrists' offices--I get a kick out of the video. It kind of goes with the craziness of the season, too. Anyway, maybe KnitXcorE will enjoy it with me.


Chris said...

I love the color "espresso black"!

KnitXcorE said...

classic McS!
the new album really sux :-(

YaY LlamAS!!!!!