Sock Monkey Socks, with Cats

Big, Little

I finally got a photo that shows how much bigger Isis is than Morgan. I would say it's a ratio of about 2:1; or, two Morgans would be required to make one Isis. Yes, Morgan is a small cat, but Isis is indeed rather large.

Sock Monkey Socks

I've been trying to stave off despair by knitting, but even that isn't working very well these days.

I'm using mercerized cotton in the hopes of turning out a pair of summer socks. The darker color makes it look like a sock monkey sock.

In Which Mr. O'Kitten Gets a Head Bath

You may recall me telling you recently that Isis gave me a head bath. Shortly after that she gave me another that lasted over half an hour. The following week she gave Mr. O'Kitten a similarly lengthy washing. Now, the ritual has been caught on film.

Here Isis thoroughly works over a section of Mr. O'Kitten's hair and scalp. She is extremely vigorous. You'd never get such fastidious attention in a salon.

Although the Isis treatment is occasionally a bit painful, few bipeds are so lucky as to experience the full feline grooming ritual.


Gattina said...

Ah, finally some news of you ! The hair washing is too cute ! My little Rosie washes us all the time too but not yet the hairs, lol, the other cats don't at all. Thanks to Rosie my nose is very clean and shining !
Is the weather better now and warmer ?? Here it's quite nice I was away for a week on a roundtrip through Greece.

Carrie K said...

Stave off despair? That does not sound good. Anything I can do?

The monkey socks are cool.

Morgan is tiny! So cute. And what a lovely bonus, the head baths you two receive.

mrspao said...

Don't you find those head baths tickle?

I love the socks.

Sending you big hugs. I've been feeling a bit low myself lately.

Anonymous said...

How fortunate you are to have your own "in-house" salon service!

I haven't been by in a long time, but I just wanted to say hello.

I am sorry you have been feeling down ("stave off despair?" - oh dear!).

Chris said...

Oh, that is so sweet of Isis! Awww... She is a big girl, isn't she?? Chaos is nearly twice May's size, although she's the same height he is - she is ALL leg.

historicstitcher said...

Maybe it's the name?

My Isis (though the smallest of my three cats) is a groomer, too. She'll wash my eyebrows, work over my hair and scalp...they're just claiming us as their 'kittens'.

Missed you! Come to Beth's on Saturday! I'll bring you some fiber to try!