Fur Pile

What's a grrl got to do to keep warm around here?

I just packed away all the scarves, gloves, mittens, warm jackets, hats, etc--and what's the weather report? "Cold temperatures will lead to widespread frost tonight over most of southeast Michigan as temperatures fall into the 30s." Well, that's dandy. Just when you thought there was light at the end of the tunnel--hey! It's a train coming to mow you down.

And gas finally hit $4.19/gallon here in town. I'm sure all you Europeans are laughing at us a bit, since I seem to remember gas being about $1/liter when I was in Italy back in 1989 (which would be about $4/gal)--but then again, you guys have fantastic public transportation, which, as I remember, goes virtually everywhere one might wish to go. As opposed to us here in America, where, in most places, public transportation goes--wait -- What public transportation here in America?

I didn't have a car at all for ten years when I lived in New York. I got everywhere I needed to go--and beyond. Boy, those were the days...how I miss the NYC subway. Here's to the MTA.

Wake me when it's over, will ya?


Becky said...

Is Isis' head under Emma's butt? What a great picture. I think you guys need a bigger chair. :-) Miss you, Shannah!

Elizabeth said...

One of my girls will sit and watch the woodstove at night, hoping that heat will come out of it. That's when we know it's cold enough for a fire, when the cats get cold.
Italy also has a system where your license dictates certain days of the week when you can drive, to break up the traffic congestion. So if you can't drive on Wednesday's, you better have a friend who can.
At least it's warm enough to bicycle.

Chris said...

It was 39F when I drove to work yesterday morning. *sigh* Wow, look at how Isis is about the size of the other two together!

mrspao said...

That is a cute pile of cats :)

It is freezing here, too! We have to put the heating on in the morning just to be able to get out of bed.

Carrie K said...

FUR pile! Awesome.

We had four days of 104 degree heat in which I packed away all the cold weather clothing and bedding and now it's back down in the low 70's. I know, not exactly "cold" but it's not 90 either.

Maybe the >$4 a gallon gas will force better public transportation. I'm really against it being subsidized, if it's a precious commodity ruining the earth, then by gum, we ought not to be using it so callously.

OTOH, I wish I lived in Oakland again and not the suburbs. Public Transportation? Hahahahahahaha.

pins&needles said...

Your cats are so cute! They actually share. My cats like their own seperate space. They can't even share a window most of the time. Seldomly they will share a couch.

I wish I didn't have to own a car, but my city's kind of small and like all other cities in AR it's pretty spread out. It would only work if I lived less than 2 or 3 miles for everything I need.