It Just Keeps Coming Down

It just keeps on coming out of the sky and blanketing everything around.

It's really lovely, though.

Sometimes the sun comes out. Usually that means it's colder than when it's snowing, though. Like this morning it was 3 degrees (-16 C). But sunny.

So I've been making yarn, and knitting a lot.

These two skeins are one ply of llama-shetland and one ply of something colorful. (I got the idea from Mysticleeme, who says the combinations she was getting reminded her of stained glass.) I just made the skein on the left into a hat, and now I'm working the one on the right into another hat.

Stay warm, y'all.


Carrie K said...

Wow. It looks cold! but beautiful.

That yarn is gogeous.

Chris said...

Pretty! We haven't had more than a dusting of snow since all the snow we had in December. And now that it's warming up, it looks like we're supposed to have rain next week??

historicstitcher said...

So that's where all the snow is going! We're getting teased, but not enough to play in.

Are you plannig to go to Beth's tomorrow? Please say yes! I need some girly time...(and you're welcome to come home with me for that sleepover we've been talking about, too!)

Anonymous said...

I miss the snow!!!

Your pictures are beautiful and so peaceful.

mrspao said...

I love those yarns you've been spinning. The snow looks gorgeous and deep!

Anonymous said...

Like the song goes...
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

We have not had any snow as of yet.
Hey, go out and have some fun
Love you and hubby

Anonymous said...

sorry the above is from me Joanie

Puss-in-Boots said...

Those photos are beautiful O'K. Even though I don't like the cold, I can appreciate the beauty of it.

Knitting is a good hobby for when it is cold outside. I used to do that on the farm, it actually never snowed, but threatened too and sometimes I think that's worse.

BlackCrow said...

Where are the chickens. Do they hibernate during winter by turning into icey-poles.
Do they ever go out and play in the snow?
The llama-shetland looks lovely.

pins&needles said...

Wow, such pretty scenery. We don't get snow down here. It comes in a form of sleet or really cold rain. Rarely it's actual snow that blankets like that.

That yarn is so pretty! I want to touch it through the screen.

KnitXcorE said...

it really is preety!
snow here resembles soggy mud, but you already know that.