Finally, Pictures from The Point

As I mentioned previously, my visit to The Point was one of the highlights of my visit to New York. Coffee, yarn, and knitting--what could be better, I ask you?

The place is beautiful, with wire baskets brimming with yarns of all kinds on the walls, and the entire back wall is simply dripping with skeins of handspun, silk, alpaca, and more gorgeous stuff that I can think to name. (Did I mention there was coffee?) And they were having a huge 40% off sale while I was there!

The set-up is great--small tables for little knit-ins and sit-ins, and one really long worktable (you can see it at right, above) for workshops and lessons, or bigger groups just hanging out. And, space being what it is in The Village, this is a Great Thing!

This is the knitting pal I met and hung out with while I was there. Ravi was an expert on all things yarn and helped me pick out yarn for my Knucks (no, I haven't even started casting on yet, I'm still just admiring my yarn...) and this Razor Cami I want to try. I just started a swatch for this today, and the chocolate Millefili Fine is so pretty (and so tiny!).

So here's the yarn I got. It was all on sale, really it was! Two skeins of Millefili (at right) and two skeins of Lorna's Hand-Dyed Shepherd's Sport for Knucks...one in Blackberry (far left) and one in Bucks Bar.

And so I spent a couple hours there chatting with Ravi and drinking iced coffee and it was a lovely, lovely Sunday afternoon in the city. I can't think of many better ways to spend a day.

I do have 2 knitterly questions--I need to get some size 5 circulars for the camisole. The pattern calls for 24" circs, but that's for an XS 30-32" bust size and I need to make it for a 34-36"--I hate stretching around circulars so I'm thinking at least 29" if not 32". Any recommendations? Also, I'm thinking bamboo might not be ideal for the Millefili, as the cotton is proving to be a little splitty (it kinda reminds me of embroidery floss, actually, although it's not that splitty). [And no, I don't think I can afford Addis!] Any thoughts?


rosalynn said...

If you're willing to splurge, may I suggest buying a set of Denise Interchangable needles... they have circulars set up with different length cords & size 5-15 plastic needle ends in the kit. I absolutely love my set!

Another option is either the Boye Interchangable system (which can be purchased from Joann.com when they have a 40% off online coupon) or that new Knit Picks Options set from KnitPicks.com. Both are metal though... dunno if you have an aversion to that metallic sound or not.

Too bad you won't be in NYC the first week of October... I would've loved to meet up with you at The Point!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing my socks in Buck's Bar. Love that color.

The shop looks like a really fun place to hang out.

Knitted_Painting said...

It sounds like you had loads of fun! I wish I could go to that yarn shop it looks like heaven!^_^
I love all the baskets full of yarn hangin gon the wall that's a great idea!

msfortuknit said...

Its beautiful! I really like it!Im glad that you got to go there, how long did you stay? Im so glad that you met Ravi!! YEAAAHHHH!
We have a knitting cafe here called the yarn caffe in Plymouth MN, its that or Minnetonka if you ever come by me for a visit we shall go!

Cant wait to see your progress!

Chris said...

Sounds like a wonderful knitterly NYC experience!

Well, there's the KnitPicks Options set, too - but all of the interchangeable sets are sort of a large initial expenditure...

I have e lot of Addis - mostly I have 16" (hats) and 24" for each size. Unless you're thinking of doing Magic Loop socks, you can get a lot of mileage out of a 24" needle.

Carrie K said...

I'd rather have the circs a little too short than too long. I don't think going from 30-32 to 34-36 is going to make that much of a difference. If the gauge is 6 stitches to an inch, adding even four inches is only 24 additional stitches. It doesn't take up that much room on the needles.

no-blog-rachel said...

Needles - I just finished knitting with some splitty yarn and was surprised to find it was easier to knit with my bamboo needles that it was my Addi's! That particular yarn was a wool/cashmere blend. So I'd say if you generally like bamboo, give them a try - it might work better than you'd think!

I'd also still go for the 24" - it's a very versitile length whereas if you go for a longer needle, you won't be able to use it for smaller projects.

Have fun!

KnitXcorE said...

The point looks soooo cool :-) now i know i'm jealous!!!!

RheLynn said...

The Lorna's look like they are going to make stupendous Knucks! I keep forgetting my camera when I go into yarny places -- secretly I think they're going to say 'No pictures, we'll melt!' like most people do ;o)

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