Cats on Tuesday: Out of the Box

Cats on Tuesday: There's Just Nothing Like A Box

At first Isis was in the box.

Then she got out of the box, so of course Morgan had to go in and inspect the box.

Isis had to inspect Morgan inspecting the box.

As you can see, Emma was satisfied to observe the proceedings from a safe distance.

Although she was sure she had seen her enter it, Isis had some difficulty ascertaining whether or not Morgan was still in the box.


meemsnyc said...

Boxes are so much fun!

Carrie K said...

You can't be too certain about boxes - you think someone is in them and they're not.....boxes are much fun.

Anonymous said...

They are so cute playing with each other. You always manage to get great pictures.
Yes, cats will check out everything. Oh..something different on the floor they are there.


Chris said...

Oh, and Isis shows excellent nose cleaning skills there, too!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Bella's the box cat around here. Mitzi just doesn't like being confined in anything, not even getting into a box of her own accord...although she does get under the bedclothes if someone comes in that she doesn't know. She feels safe there.

mrspao said...

I'm reminded of Lynley Dodd's children's book called My cat likes to hide in boxes :)

katztales said...

Boxes! We looooove boxes! Isis and Morgan look so cute and happy exploring it's great to see. Happy (belated) COT from all of us.

BlackCrow said...

That looks like so much fun!
Your cats are wonderful!
I wish my two would get on...after 2 years Fat Kitty still hisses at Ned, poor Ned just wants a friend. Ned was fond of our bunny, thought he was really soft and liked to nuzzle his head on bunny's head, very cute to see...but bunny just wanted to procreate and Ned slowly worked this out and now wont go near him!
Oh thanks for your felting link...this was your first fiber related craft....boy show's you how in the dark I am. I thought needle felting was a new thing! (blush)Well I do live on an island off the bottom of Australia!
Tomorrow I'm off to get some colorful roving!
Oh Emma has a beautiful coat!


pins&needles said...

Cute kitties! My cats love boxes too.

Emma looks just as big as my Ditto.