Cats on Tuesday: We'll Sing in the Sunshine

Cats on Tuesday: We'll Sing in the Sunshine

Spring is definitely here. Hooray for sunbeams.

We also got a new thing recently. It came in a big box. (Hooray for tax refunds.)

Then there's the new towel warmer...

"We'll sing in the sunshine
We'll laugh every da-a-y
We'll sing in the sunshine
Then I'll be on my way..."
(Gale Garnett, 1964)


Anonymous said...

I could definitely use a cute towel warmer like yours. ;-)

Chris said...

Who knew that those cute fur puff toys came in big boxes now?!

katztales said...

Tax money that's given back?! And toys that come in perfect cat boxes? Wow! You're having a good week :-)

Gattina said...

Tax refunds is the best ! We had to pay this year (grrrrr) cats always find the best places for a nap !

Ydiana said...

Wow, they are really enjoying sunshine and having a good day! Have fun!

BlackCrow said...

Hi Miss O Kitten!! OH look at those lovely cats, they seem to have adjusted well to NY living! Well I would too if a towel warmer was part of the deal.
Spent a lovely few days with my little boy we watched movies well into the night and stayed by my side all day today watching me paint and sew.
it is autumn here and thankfully the sun still streams in.
Here is a link to my favorite production designer http://louromano.blogspot.com/
go of and do something while it loads as there is so much stuff to see. But once its done scroll 3/4 down and you'll see a heading called SPANKY VS. SAMURAI. Just a couple of photo's of his cat but they are so funny. There is tonnes of great work to look at there too.
Great to here everything arrived safely and that you like Nelson and the other little gifts!
Now to see where those little fur balls are!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

It's getting cooler here, but because the sun is lower in the sky, my two love to sit in the sunshine that now comes in the back door.

Carrie K said...

Excellent use of one's time!

mrspao said...

Sunshiney kitties :)