Fur Pile

What's a grrl got to do to keep warm around here?

I just packed away all the scarves, gloves, mittens, warm jackets, hats, etc--and what's the weather report? "Cold temperatures will lead to widespread frost tonight over most of southeast Michigan as temperatures fall into the 30s." Well, that's dandy. Just when you thought there was light at the end of the tunnel--hey! It's a train coming to mow you down.

And gas finally hit $4.19/gallon here in town. I'm sure all you Europeans are laughing at us a bit, since I seem to remember gas being about $1/liter when I was in Italy back in 1989 (which would be about $4/gal)--but then again, you guys have fantastic public transportation, which, as I remember, goes virtually everywhere one might wish to go. As opposed to us here in America, where, in most places, public transportation goes--wait -- What public transportation here in America?

I didn't have a car at all for ten years when I lived in New York. I got everywhere I needed to go--and beyond. Boy, those were the days...how I miss the NYC subway. Here's to the MTA.

Wake me when it's over, will ya?


Sock Monkey Socks, with Cats

Big, Little

I finally got a photo that shows how much bigger Isis is than Morgan. I would say it's a ratio of about 2:1; or, two Morgans would be required to make one Isis. Yes, Morgan is a small cat, but Isis is indeed rather large.

Sock Monkey Socks

I've been trying to stave off despair by knitting, but even that isn't working very well these days.

I'm using mercerized cotton in the hopes of turning out a pair of summer socks. The darker color makes it look like a sock monkey sock.

In Which Mr. O'Kitten Gets a Head Bath

You may recall me telling you recently that Isis gave me a head bath. Shortly after that she gave me another that lasted over half an hour. The following week she gave Mr. O'Kitten a similarly lengthy washing. Now, the ritual has been caught on film.

Here Isis thoroughly works over a section of Mr. O'Kitten's hair and scalp. She is extremely vigorous. You'd never get such fastidious attention in a salon.

Although the Isis treatment is occasionally a bit painful, few bipeds are so lucky as to experience the full feline grooming ritual.


Not About Weather (with Knitting)

Well, once again you haven't heard from me in awhile. I swore I'd stop complaining about the weather, and it is giving me far less to moan about, but I haven't really had much else to offer up except a severe winter hangover, a healthy dose of lethargy, and a nice side dish of depression. Not a very pretty picture, really.

Here's evidence that spring is on it's way, though it is utterly failing to make me feel any better whatsoever. See the little leaves starting?

But there has been some knitting. My mother-in-law asked for a baby sweater for a shower she's attending in June. I found this pattern in Ros Badger and Elaine Scott's Little Badger Knitwear. It's supposed to be done up in cotton, which would've been nice, but since I had acrylic left from the Log Cabin baby blanket I recently finished, that's what I used. (Hey, it's washable, machine-dryable, and still soft.) I think the Quaker Rib is kind of cute.

Front. I stil have to attach the second sleeve and knit the neck/button rib.


Then there's this seasilk camisole, which I started last August, quickly knit up, and then abandoned when I got to the straps. I loathe I-cord, wasn't sure I had enough yarn left to knit straps of I-cord, weighed out other possibilities for straps (ribbons, spin something else, etc) ... but I finally got it back out last week and knit flat straps for it (which curled up and look like I-cord anyway).

The (free!) pattern is Carrie Bostick Hoge's Lace Nightie from Interweave Knits. I just shortened it into a cami so I'd have enough yarn (100g/400m) -- this luxurious Hand Maiden Sea Silk (70% silk, 30% seacell) that my PRGE Pal sent me last year. This yarn is gorgeous and has a lovely drape. It was a joy to work with and washed and blocked beautifully. I highly recommend it. It's simply beautiful.

Now I just have to attach the straps...hopefully that'll take less than 8 months.