And We're Walkin...

photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30108677@N08/3557515261/

New York is a pedestrian city, and one of my favorite things about living here is not owning a car.

A month ago I got a pedometer. My grandfather used to have one, and I was fascinated that it counted his steps every day. His wasn't digital, but was simply a counter that ticked off every time he took a step. He was a very active man, and since he knew the length of his stride, he could tell you the number of miles he walked in a day.

I read that ideally one would walk 10,000 steps in a day, which is close to 5 miles for the average person. Over the past 30 days I've averaged 6700 steps a day, or about 3.2 miles (a little over 5 km) -- without really trying (although I admit the pedometer has inspired me to walk a bit more than I normally would). Pretty amazing.

I love New York.



The Last Hurrah of Summer

Seems to be the Dog Days here in Queens--it felt like autumn last week and now it's in the 90s (32+ C) again. Ah well, my favorite season of the year will be here soon enough.

I'm working at Bobbi and the Strays two days a week now and it's the most satisfying job I've ever had. (Here are a few examples of things to which I can compare grantwriting for an animal rescue, if you're curious.)

It's keeping me busy, so there hasn't been much blogging. And if I hadn't already grown slothful about my blog, along came Facebook. Now if I have so much as a half-formed thought or a funny link, I just slap it into Facebook and that's it. No more blogging necessary. Facebook, drive-thru fast food windows, and remote controls are going to destroy our civilization, I tell you.

But can you eat it?

And now for today's link of total awesomeness (thanks to Moderncat, of course):

Check out her blog...tons of funny and her illustrations are absolutely terrific. And hey, maybe you'll want to bring something to the block party while you're at it!