re. IndigoMuse

Yay! Someone else discovered llama fiber! LOL
Thanks so much for your response to my article in Knitty. (Btw, if you're reading this and you missed it, go here: http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/FEATllamas.html)
Llamas really are SO soft and wonderful, and their fleece is great to spin. And alpacas are pretty cute, too!
Thanks for writing!


Zee said...

I'm here via your Knitty article! :)

I wanted to thank you for a most wonderful read. Your article was fun and entertaining, but also increased my curiosity. Now I can't wait to knit from llama!

Gracey said...

Hey, I just wanted to say well done on the llama/spinning/knitting thing.. I worked my way a little backwards from you... I've knit forever.. I just decided to teach myself to spin on a drop spindle, and someday I want to own sheep. I spun some llama about a month ago.. I think it had been sitting in someone's attic.. so it was dusty and not too enjoyable... but I think i will give it another go with something clean! But yes, I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your article emmensly!

rita said...

I "discovered" llamas a couple of years ago when my little granddaughter was in love with Jimmy Neutron. As you may (or not) know, Jimmy's friend Carl is crazy about llamas. When we played, she was always Jimmy and I was always everyone else. We spent a good bit of time talking about llamas.

To my delight, I found llama yarn for sale on ebay and bought a skein. I knit it into a cute shoulder bag and gave it to Avery. I didn't care if she didn't turn handstands over it. I'd knit something using llama yarn!

Thanks for reviving the memory. Avery's 6 now and lives 1000 miles away. I miss our playtime!

Anonymous said...

OMG shannah! to find you again, in a knitter's blogworld circle! great article, and are those your llamas in the picture? they're so cute!

my blog is boring, but come visit me sometime!

miss ya, and glad that things are going well for you in michigan!

- ros