An Added Thought

As my spinning teacher says, if we were in a hurry, we'd buy yarn, not spin it. But now that I'm getting the hang of spinning, I find it really relaxing, kind of meditative.

And I love that these are such age-old crafts. It's really beautiful to feel a part of a really, really looooong tradition of crafting and history.


Anonymous said...

OMG shannah~! i knit too, and totally haunt this knitmag! congrats, and great article. want to teach me how to spin and send me some roving? hee hee.

miss you and hope all is well in michigan. i'd send some cali sunshine your way but it's been raining buckets since last month!

- ros

Caitie said...

I read your article on knitty.com, and i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed it. i found you writing very articulate and your story telling abilities stellar! great job on taking up knitting again!!