Knit & Spin

Little but the grass is green here in Michigan, but it's warm enough to let the chickens run about outside during the day; they root in the flower beds and scavenge through the dead leaves, turning up moist earth as if their feet were little plows. Do they find worms, grubs, insects waking from winter sleep? I don't know, but they seem happy, and busy, and they are laying eggs again after their molt. (Who knew they stopped laying eggs when they molt? I didn't.)

The llamas are now covered with super-thick winter fleece--I can sink my fingers through several inches of long, deep hair. Hard to believe it will soon be shearing time again. I haven't been spinning lately, just knitting. I learned to work with circular needles then quickly got the hang of double-pointed needles, and my knitting obesssion moved from hats to fingerless gloves, of which I made five pairs. Then I made a purse, and now I'm trying to complete a baby blanket for friends, my first project of any real size or duration.

I never, EVER saw myself knitting, much less spinning or felting...who knew this move to Michigan would prompt a push into the fiber arts for me?

But then again, who ever knows what the universe has planned?


sereknitty72 said...

Hello! Saw your blog for the first time today and was struck by our, somewhat, similar situations: I'm a girl from California who lived in Florham Park NJ for 10 years and now lives in Oregon. We have 11 acres which house 2 pygora goats, 15 chickens, 2 yellow labs, 5 cats (the result of an unfortunate cat pregnancy), 2 ducks and a peacock. Since moving here i've become addicted to knitting and would love to spin my goats hair but don't know how....any tips? Love your blog....

IndigoMuse said...


I just read your article on Knitty and must say that I am now enamoured with Llamas. I attended my first fiber fest on Saturday (Sedalia Center in Bedford, VA) and a woman was practically giving away huge bags of her llama's fleece. I got a 5 lb. bag of some of the cleanest, silkiest white llama for $5! Needless to say, I've been spinning it like crazy and love, love, love it! I knit a quick pair of baby booties with my first 20-30 yds of llama yarn and they're so soft. Happy knitting and spinning!


Elizabeth said...

Hi there! I found you via your llama story in Knitty today. Very topical for me because we are planning an out of city move soon. Also, we just went to an alpaca show. We are ga-ga over the alpacas. A breeder told us that he has 22 alpacas and two llamas, the llamas protect the alpacas better than dogs from predators apparently. I also have a dumbass city-girl question: Do you let your cats outside with the chickens and various wildlife? (You can stop laughing now.)