Not Your Mother's Urban Sombrero

Mr. O'Kitten is a big fan of J. Peterman--both the J. Peterman-in-real-life catalogue and J. Peterman-as-Elaine's-boss on Seinfeld. I post this for him because it is highly amusing:

"...There's a formula to the Peterman descriptions, and it goes like this: Drop the name of a Noted Person (Hitchcock, Hepburn, Churchill). Drop the name of a romanticized obscure-ish place. (Cannes, Kyoto, Seychelles). Mention an occupation in the arts or sciences (filmmaking; entomology). Be specific when it comes to colors (pink is dusty rose; green is celery; off-white is cream). And lastly: The last digit of prices can NEVER be a five or a zero."

View the gallery for scores assigned to ten amazing Peterman selections with their illustrations and absolutely astonishing descriptions. If you thought J. Peterman only existed on Seinfeld, you're in for a treat. If you've never actually looked at the J. Peterman catalogue...well, hold onto your Urban Sombrero.

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