Green Eggs, Black Cats, and Blue Girls

If anyone wonders how I'm doing, just check the frequency of my posts. Generally, the more posts, the better I feel. When I'm not feeling great, I don't post so often. So you might gather from the dearth of posts over the past couple weeks that my mood has been less than stellar. Well, I was pretty busy at first, then my mood began sliding downward.

That's the curse of bipolar--you feel okay for awhile...then, not so okay.

But rather than drag you down, I really wanted to show you these:

Yep, the May pullets are laying and some of Odo's offspring prove to have the Ameraucana "Easter Egg" laying genes. I'm tickled as can be.

I took a whole slew of bird pictures the other day because I'm so fascinated by the crosses we got out of Odo and his many hens. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here is Isis on one of her odd little adventures in Mr. O'Kitten's room. She is stalking a ball of twine...

...then thought she'd have more success by sneaking up on it from the cover of a tissue box, sticking her huge paw out rather stealthily through the tissue slot. Apparently balls of twine can't see you when you're disguised as tissue boxes.

Despite these lovely amusements and distractions, I remain blue this evening, as Mr. O'Kitten returned to the hospital today. However, I did receive a most beautiful surprise today from none other than bellamoden, of which I will soon (promise promise) post pictures. She totally rules, especially timing this glorious package to coincide with the day that Mr. O'Kitten went back to hospital. Hand-dyed yarn porn and much-needed fibery goodness. And needles galore! She is a goddess.


Mouse said...

oh no.. I'm sorry to hear about Mr. O'Kitten! I'm wishing y'all the best..
(the kitten & the string photos totally made me snort. Especially the part about "twine can't see you if you're disguised as a tissue box".. ahh.. kitty logic)

- jesse said...

I'm sorry to hear about Mr. O'Kitten! And your glumness. It gets the best of us and I'm sorry you have to make a heroic effort to deal with it - it's crummy. Thanks for posting!

KnitXcorE said...

*hugS* <3333333

Barbara-Kay said...

You are in our thoughts, and we check in each day to see if there is news of you and your "farm full" of critters. Best wishes for Mr. O'K.

pussreboots said...

Beautiful eggs.

Beth said...

K. How about tag you're it? Check out my blog and see.

Gattina said...

I can understand that you are not in the mood of writing when you are feeling blue. But I still believe it's the season, the lack of light in these short days and then the expectation of a long cold winter.
I think you have to live with your up and downs but take "happy pills" that helps a little.
The eggs are really strange, never saw such a color !

Puss-in-Boots said...

I do hope Mr O'K is alright. You're going through a bit of a hiatus at the moment, aren't you, O'K? I hope all settles down for you soon.

I think stories about myself in the third person...sad, isn't it? Actually, it's probably second childhood!

Keep well and I hope things smooth out for you soon.


RheLynn said...

oh *hugs* on missing your Mr. :( cute kitties for distractions, but yes they can only do so much with their purrs and whiskers.

Very pretty eggs - that is one of Mark and his mom's favourite types of chickens, but very hard to find around here right now! His mom lost her last chicken last month to a snake :( She really needs a whole new henhouse but we don't have time to tear down the old one and build her a new one with the baby and the move!

mrspao said...

Big hugs to you. I'm sorry you are feeling blue.