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Hi! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I was SO psyched Knitty published my article. What a cool menagerie you have!

I've never spun goat hair. I know with llama it works best with carders...I bought mine from The Spinning Loft where I take my lessons (www.spinningloft.us) and they're also available at www.usefullamaitems.com. They run about $75/pair. You use them to get the fibers all laying in the same direction, then you roll the fibers up into sort of a cigar (called a "rolag"). Here's a great how-to (QuickTime video):

Once you have your rolag, you spin right from it, just as you would from roving or any other fiber.

All the best, and happy spinning!

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sereknitty72 said...

Thanks so much for the links--the video was helpful. I was inspired yesterday to call my local "yarn barn" as my husband refers to it and was delighted to find that they have a spinning class on the 22nd so I signed up. I'll be sure to post my efforts (scary though they may be)when I'm done...Thanks again and I'll be reading your blog!