step into my parlor said the spidress...

It is a dark night in Michigan as I join the blog universe. I am a blog newbie. And let me tell you, I hate doing anything new. I hate change. I hate jumping on bandwagons, I hate liking things other people like, I hate that I have begun wearing colors other than black now that I live in Michigan (and I really hate that I have three pairs of overalls in place of long black skirts. Well, I still have the skirts, but they're just not practical for cleaning up after llamas.)

In fact, I have bibbed shorts, I have full-length overalls, and I have fully-lined thermal Carhart overalls. (Aside from the fact that these are an atrocious shade of tan, these things totally rock in the winter.) I have muck shoes for summer and artic muck boots for winter. I have even planted green things in soil and they have produced vegetables that we have actually eaten.

For someone whose only outdoor access was a fire escape for 15 years, this is all very, very strange. I have even learned to ride a lawn tractor.

Cats do not like change. They do not like it one bit. But they do like green things. They like to go outside and eat grass, and then throw it up in slimy piles on the kitchen floor. Or in the shag carpet. Which makes the carpet, actually, very like a wet garden when you walk through it in sleepy bare feet.

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