Eureka, and Welcome Home

This is it--second floor, left

Okay, so this morning Mr. O'Kitten left me the number for Mac tech support. This, after he himself (inveterate Mac-hater that he is) followed up every lead he could think of to connect me to the interweb. And finally, after plenty of coffee and foot-dragging and moaning and groaning and muttering to myself, I called.

Not that the guy on the phone wasn't helpful (his kind assistance was going to cost money -- I was only some 1,800+ days out of warranty, he politely informed me), but I wound up going back online anyway and would you believe the answer really was turning the modem off for a few minutes and then turning it back on again? Not for the reason you'd think, but in order to fool it into thinking the router with the two computers hooked into it is only one device. But really. I mean, honestly. Go figger.

Below my niece Mackenzie makes the expression I have in response to all this technological ridiculousness. Emma likes Mackenzie. A lot. Isis--not so much. Morgan simply hid. Eventually I think they will all get used to visits from the small and adorable person who pets very gently and is fascinated by the fact that Meows Poo in a box on the floor.


Anonymous said...

Wow Mackenzie must have that magic touch with Emma. She hid when we saw her last. Lets see how she is tomorrow when we are in her home.

LOL..Mackenzie looks like a rock star with her hair all punked up. What a beautiful little girl.

Glad the computer is up and running.

we continue the count down to SEASIDE.....

Chris said...

Well, that IS the #1 tech support solution - turn everything off, then restart it from the device "closest to the wall" (such as the modem, then the router, then finally the computer).

mrspao said...

I love your new apartment! It looks great :)

jessie said...

Hey, a belated congratulations on your move. I'm sorry to see someone give up the country life but I can see how it's not for everyone. I don't think I could hack it in the city, so we're even. Enjoy your new space!